115 – 1950s Hairstyle Designs Only For The Tough!

The 1950s hairstyle men are not only rich in terms of style but also has some of the modest looks. the hairstyles are most of the time inspired by fictional characters and celebrities present back then. These kinds of hairstyles are mostly glossy, have side styles, cool styles, and sometimes messy. These looks still rock to date and worth trying out.


Sleek pompadour 1950s hairstyle men

Pompadour looks are great with hair that is quite long. The hair is well tucked in upward and some style is added to it to make it look even much better. This look not only stylish but also very easy to maintain. With a well-straightened hair, this is a style that one can easily pull and it brings dimension to the face.


Long pompadour hair is very stylish and has a way of bringing focus to the facial features. When styled up in nice wavy layers, they become even better. These are comfortable and also go well with most clothing looks.

Layer up your short or mini pompadour to the sides and add the gloss to the hair. This will make you stand out in the crowd. It is a very good style that makes it look so urban and frames the face nicely.

Side styles are always looking so good and a good expression of a classy 1950s hairstyle. This one has different styles incorporated into it. The sides have been well brushed or combed and they are looking super stylish.

Undercut your glossy 1950s haircut look and you will be the new talk of the town. This is definitely a bomber with the hair looking glossy. The sides are well combed and that level of class is all that matters.

Layered Hollywood hairstyles

Layer your look this way and get that real 1950s look going strong all the way. This one below is also having a very glossy appearance and that always does the trick.

Your short cut hairstyle will look great when layered or styled all the way to the back. This makes the design look so comfortable and very suitable for professionals. This is nice and worth trying out.

Get some volume added at the center of your hair and make the hairstyle look even more classy. Adding some gloss to the hair is an even much better idea.

For uneven hair cuts, this look is one that all should try out. The sides are having short hair and they are all properly laid all the way to the back. The center has some bulk added to it. It is a very nice look in general with the raised front part adding dimension to the style.

Chunk out some parts of your hair and style it nicely. This look below is a great look to try. Glossy looks like the one below will make you the talk of the town for sure.

Fluffy 1950s hairstyle men

Get your 1950s look pumped up and relaxed by getting this chic style. It is super classy and the edges have all been done so nicely. This is so impressive and worth trying out.

Get yourself that laid back look that will be a definite show stopper. This look is one that is very comfortable and recommended for all men to try it out.

Even with little or no hair, this look is definitely a killer. The styling is simple and the gloss adds to the general hair appeal. This is simple perfection.

Get a nice big undercut style right at the front center of your hair. This look is protective. It will work well for those who have weak edges. It is also beautiful.


Thin hair is also legible for a 1950s look. This one has represented the old times so nicely. Once again, its all about the glossy appearance of the hair.

Thick pomp hairstyles

This look is so nice, it will not only make you look classy enough but also very well put together. Get this for yourself you will not regret it.


Glossy hair waves are definitely a bomb look. This look is so over the top in that the hair is all nicely combed at the front. This has added some great texture to the hair in general.

This simple look is obviously one of a kind. The edges are combed and curled up nicely all around. The other hair is well laid down to cover all through the other sides.

Side styling your hair like this is one way to elevate the overall look of your hair. This is one simple but very unique style. This is simply classy with the dark color highlighting the facial complexion.

Even though your hair is quite loose and fluffy and all over the place. Get it well put together and looking presentable by combing all the hair to the sides and making the whole look even better by adding style.

Side-lined hairstyles

The side cut has a way of making hair look so special. It is one look that is simple but with some little styling, it will always come out great.

This kind of look is so common with the old times. It is not only simple but also very sleek in general. This is just super lovely with the side cut also adding contrast to the styling.

These kinds of looks are very comfortable in general. They are easy to maintain as well. Adding some little style to them makes them look even much better.

This look is very streamlined in a very nice way with the raised front part adding dimension to the style. It brings out full modernity mixed with some old times vibe and all of it pulls off quite nicely. This is a definite try out.

If your hair is like this one below then it still looks great without putting much effort. The best way to style it would be to simply give the edges a good, stylish cut and that will work. Adding some little color to the hair will give it a nice pop and also some element of contrast.

Long curly 1950s hairstyle men

This is nice and so easy to put together and all you have to do us to live some voluminous hair on the upper part.  The styling is quite unique and worth trying out. The whole look has pulled off thanks to the length of the hair. Though, this would work on short hair too.

Such a great look and generally fine. This would work best on long hair. Making it glossy has definitely enhanced its appearance with no doubt.

This is very classy and looks adorable with the side cut. The color also makes it very bold too with the styling pulling it off all the way. This look can be great for anyone who tries it.

The spiky curls are simply on fire making it the go-to look. This looks quite playful and daring. That is the goal when you have this kind of look. It makes heads turn with the low cut on the sides making it stand out.

Get these nice ridge-like curls and you will be good to go. This look is definitely a killer and works well for short hair. The edges are definitely the highlight of the whole look and its awesome.

Tail-like 1950s hairstyle men

The back edge is not only making the whole hair look like a piece of art but its also protecting the hair. This is a very nice protective style for men that’s worth trying this out.

Get your hair looking this funky and stylish and you will not regret it. This look is best for loose hair with the raised part adding elegance to the overall look. the fluffy nature of the hair is another cool thing about this style that makes it stand out.

If you do not have too much hair, this is definitely the way to go. Get yourself this haircut and you will not regret it. It is very simple, unique, and also very manageable.

If your hair has quite the volume then this is a style that you can try out. The best way to go about this would be to comb it nicely all the way to the back. That will be much easier to wear and you will like it.

Go all the way and make your hair as bold as this. This one has put the spiky hair in a very nice and stylish way. It is super adorable and so over the top.

Long messy 1950s hairstyle men

Long messy hairstyles are the bomb dot com. This one, in particular, has very simple styling but it’s very stylish all together. The aspect of color is another cool thing that adds intricacy to the style.

Layer up all your hair at the front to form something resembling a swoosh and rock the look. Get the sides are aid down nicely and you will be good.

Simple yet so classy are the best words to describe the style below. This look will definitely give one all the confidence they need to face the day. It is very comfortable and neat.

If your hair has long spiky hair, especially at the front, this is the way to go. The style is so urban and trendy all the same. If this is your vibe, try it. The aspect of color also adds contrast to the style and makes it appealing.


Thin curly hair is one of a kind with the unique layers making it pop. This one below has some volume to it as well. All the elements of this hair have been blended together nicely. This is one unique look that one can try out especially if they have long hair.

Regular cut 1950s hairstyle men

You can make your regular cut hairstyle by simply adding some little tweaks to the hair. This one has a very nice side cut and the hair at the top is well spiked up.

Spiky regular hair cuts are cute and have a way of bringing focus to the facial features.  They are easily manageable and very comfortable as well. This one is well done with the slightly raised upper part giving it shape.

Get a regular cut but make it stylish by adding some gloss to it and layering all down and to the sides. This is stylish and classy as well.


So unique with the wavy layers making it stand out. This look is looking on point, curls are also all well laid nicely. The different lengths of the curls are making the whole look even more accentuated.

This is not only nice but also very stylish. The uniqueness of the style makes it super appealing to the eye with the blonde shades adding contrast to the design. This is a look that will make you the talk of the neighborhood.


Defined wavy 1950s hairstyle men

Super-sleek and a bit casual, this look is a definite try out. Combing your hair to the sides and making nice styling out of it is always the goal.

Pull all your hair together and this look will be achieved finally. This is so classy with color adding class to the design. Layering down all the spikes has never looked better on hair.

Make your hair look so classy yet casual that stands out. For those with thin hair, this would be one of the best ways to go about making your hair.


This is just so nice with the curly nature also adding dimension to the style. The look is simple and quite unique. The styling is what the look even more unique. This is great and a definite try out.

Spiky and short with god styling is the way to go if you like this kind of look. The spikes make the look have some nice texture added to it. The aspect of color is another cool thing that adds contrast to the style.

Colored curly 1950s hairstyle men

This is just so sleek and simple. Get this and go rock the look. The slight color mix also works well with this. Whether the color is from your natural hair or just an artificial one added, it works.


A nice fluffy messed look is an all-time classic. Its a unique and simple look that will make you confident and will turn heads.

Get this awesome look and you will love it. The hair looks a bit spiky and super urban. This look is so youthful and a definite try out.

There is no best way to get your style popping. This is a very laid back look that is very classy and so up top. Try this out and you will love it.

This short nicely textured hair is made to look so much better by simply trimming the edges evenly and nicely. Everything just looks super, with the nature of the hair so thick.

Long 1950s hairstyle men

Lengthy hairstyles are easily done by simply curling it all up and whether you decide to trim up the edges or not, the curls will make a big statement on their own.

Long hair can be stressful to get together but with a good stylist, it turns out great. One simple way to style it would be simply put it all laid towards the back. The problem will be solved and the outcome will be great.

If your goal is to get something simple but classy, this would be the way to go. The sides are all cut and the front has some little hair hanging.

This is one way to brighten up the whole mood in a very bold way. Get your hair colored and rock it up all the way with an addition of color that makes it stand out.

Simple is very safe and manageable. This is one way to go about your look. It is definitely classy and very liked by those with medium length hair.

Bold 1950s hairstyle men

Not so many people sought after these bold looks. One way to achieve this great look is by either using bold colors or styling or even both. This one below is a great example.

Sometimes simple can be bold as well. Simply tweak the styling and make it stand out in some way and your look will qualify to be a bold look.

Gel it all up and get it all laid out nice and smooth either all the way or only to the sides. This is definitely a brilliant way to get your fashion class elevated automatically.

Adding color is not so common with these kinds of hairstyles but they do look nice when some are added. This breaks the monotone.

Get a cap-like look by simply trimming the sides of your hair and layering the rest all the way towards the back. It is so great and so bold.

Laidback hairstyles

Make your hairstyle quite laid back by layering all the glossy curls to one side of your liking. This one has it all going all the way to the back and it’s nice.

This look is so chill but very unique. The side cut adds to its uniqueness all the way. This is also very low maintenance and that’s an advantage.


Get your hair to stand out by adding some uncommon great styles to it. You could also add common styles but add your personal twist to it.

Spiky hair at the front has never looked better. This one looks very sexy and it’s mainly because of the awesome styling. Try this out and enjoy it.

This is a true definition of spiky hair with a twist. This style is very unique. It is youthful and super manageable and comfortable as well.



Glossy hairstyles

Adding style to this glossy look makes it so elevated. The sidecut is also making this look so classy. You should try this out if you like it.

The one characteristic of this hair is that it has so much volume at the front. This is a good thing especially when you get the volume to work for you just like in the look below.

If having long hair is your thing, then this would be a great way to style it. The curls all fall to the back and sides and that has elevated the look in a big way.

Great styling on your hair is what makes your hair stand out in the crowd. Go to the barber and get some nice styling of your choice on your hair and feel the vibe.

Layering hair with irregular lengths can be a challenge. The authenticity of this look is one of a kind for sure. Try this out if you dig it.

Dramatic hairstyles

You can make your hair stand out with this kind of bold look. The color of the hair is making it stand out in general. This is one great look.

Taming longhair can be cumbersome for some people. This look is one of the easiest ways to go about it. The look as comes out so nice and stylish.

This front styling is a bomb with the wavy layers making it stand out. This style makes the hair t the front a bit more tamed but classy altogether. This is a very nice look.

These curls at the front just make the whole look super stylish. Get the styles all laid down and gloss it up and you will love it for sure.

The colors are well blended together and the styling is also so unique. This one will make heads turn. Another great thing about this look is that its so manageable.

Pointy hairstyles

Get a nice casual look by doing this simple hairdo and you will definitely be happy of this cool outcome.

Get a small thin cap-like look by simply trimming the sides of your hair and layering the rest all the way towards the back. It is authentic and super stylish.

Get a messy cap look by simply laying the sides of your hair and spiking the rest all way upwards. It is so great yet also so casual.

Get a laid cap-like look by bringing your hair at the upper front and layering it up there neatly. This is simple yet very stylish with the voluminous nature of the hairstyle making it look adorable.

Get a spiky look by just trimming the sides of your hair and layering up the rest all upwards all the way towards the front. It is so great and also unique with the spiky nature of the style making it pop.

Short curly 1950s hairstyle men

Curl up all your hair into very small curls to elevate the texture of your hair even more. This is one great way to improve your look.

Curl up your short hair and get that boom by adding some gloss to it. The texture will be generally improved and you will definitely love it.

Shave down one side of your irregular curly hair to make it look calmed down. This is one great look. It is also sexy sleek with the overlapping layer adding elegance to the style.

Combing up short hair in place makes it look more elevated in style. Adding some gel to gloss to it will also do no harm.

Curl up your hair and bring out the oomph by adding some nice styling to it. This will make it look a bit more lively with color also adding intricacy to the style.

Side-combed 1950s hairstyle men

Layer it all up thinly and style it to the side. This is a fantastic quick way to do your hair and look stylish all the time without even trying too hard.

If you have highly textured hair that’s curly like the one below then it’s a style you can consider.  This look will for sure solve your problem. The small tufts will make it look neat and so over the top with no doubt.

Clean-shaven side styles will always be on-trend. This one is killing it with all the glossiness it has and the combed up and held together gelled up hair.

Get your groove going with this simple but classy look. The hair is well placed at the center and though not so glossy the combing has managed to make it hold all together.


Shaving or trimming off the sides is somewhat a nice way to remove some load of having to take care of hair. This look is one of that kind and its great and still appealing even in these modern times.

Undercut curly hairstyles

Put your short messy curls in one place and you are good to go. This brings out that mature look and a nice confidence boost.

Glossy hair may not be the best for you or it may not be what you want. Either way, getting that dry messy hair all set in one direction and the sides trimmed is one way to get an awesome look.

Undercut huge amounts of hair all the way to the top and get this great look. This is a bit dramatic but with a class. It is an awesome look with the upper layer adding life to the style.


Taming short messy hair is done by pulling in all the sides of the hair to the middle so that it’s all held together. This is very convenient and comfortable with the plain shaving on the sides adding dimension to the style.


Casual and laid back is most of the tomes the goal for old times hairstyles. This one has all the characters that comfortable hair should have and everything has just been so nicely done.

Dense curly 1950s hairstyle men

Get your irregular hair cut look this well designed by ensuring that the gel is enough so that it pulls and holds all the hair to either side. This is so nice and worth trying out.

There is no better way to tame your medium length curly hair other than laying it to the sides. This is a brilliant method to make your look not only stylish but classy as well.

Get the gloss and waves combo on your hair and you will not regret it. Not even one bit. This look screams class all the way. It is simply perfect.

For a professional, this look will kill it. The curls are all laying in style and they are all somewhat streamlined. This is a very brilliant look. A definite try out.

If you have long hair, or even slightly long, this look is for you. It is quite simple but very sexy in general. The layering of the curls all together makes this look very cool.

Undercut messy hairstyles

Get the messy but classy look by simply getting that bit of hair at the front nicely undercut. This is well laid back and so comfortable. It is also low maintenance.

Your short hair can very well be your focal point or attention focus. Just add glossiness to it and some simple styling. This will not go unnoticed.

Get your hair to be the bold one out of all the others by getting a ducktail style at the back. This is a very major statement and it has come out so nicely without a doubt.

Short hair is generally easy to handle. Just add some tweaks and styles to it to make it stand out. This is great for any events and is so awesome.

Undercut a big chunk of your hair at the front and rock the whole look. This one is quite playful and a show stopper. It may not look comfortable but it is.

Gel-combed 1950s hairstyle men

Gel combing your hair makes it look super authentic. To make it look even sleeker, add some thick combed lines right at the front center of your hair.

Layering it all up with gel will make this great look achieved. This is so classy and will have heads turn for sure. A definite try out.

This look is definitely best on longer hair. Get this look and add all the great styling desired on it. The styles on this one re not too much but its definitely come out great.

Put some gel on your hair an get the groove going. Styling the look upward makes it look even better. This look is one that is simple but outstanding.



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