85 Man Bun Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Man Bun Hairstyles

Man bun hairstyles have become common among many people. They are versatile and therefore suitable for any kind of occasion. They have various elements that are added to them to make them stand out in all possible ways. Curls are made more defined in some, in others, color is added to bring a nice pop and so much more. Man bun hairstyles also look good on anyone. They can be worn by both younger and much older people. Styling them is also easy because there are many styles that can be added to them. Here are some man bun hairstyles for you to get inspiration from.


Man Bun Hairstyles For Every Occasion

This look speaks class in all languages without a doubt. All the layers of the hair are neat and placed in order. This look is so nice and another great thing about it is that it is very easy to take care of if. Even for men, you can still look epic with a man bun. It is easy and gives you a chance for you to style it how you want. This is suitable for any occasion.

This look is one that is so over the top. There are many elements added to the look that make it completely stand out. Get yours looking this awesome by simply copy-pasting this entire look. You can add some spice to your hair by including this curve. You will stand out and this will be the talk of the town. This will look best on guys.

Messy man bun hairstyles.

If you are going for something simple, you can choose to secure your hair at the back. This will give you an incredible man bun. The look is not only classy but also unique. The curls that form most parts of the hair are tied up nicely and neatly. They add a nice texture to the look and make it stand out even much better. This is a look that you should definitely consider giving a try.

Cornrows can be a great way of styling your man bun. They provide a clean look and can stay intact for as long as you want. This is suitable for those who want to incorporate two styles such as the taper fade and the man bun.

Colored braids are the way to go if you want a unique hairstyle. Choosing the braids will give you a variety since there are a lot of colors to choose from. One thing to consider when choosing is your skin tone. This will help blend nicely with the shade of the braid.

Man Bun Hairstyles

Having straight, long hair is great, especially when held at the back. This look below is absolutely killing it with all the style that is oozing out from it. The cuts are layered up nicely at the sides and the whole look is absolutely gorgeous. This will give you an official look. This hairstyle is suitable for attending dinner parties, work, and even for homestay.

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Going with your natural hair color is smart. This is because it will save you from the stress of choosing the different shades to use. This hairstyle is fitting for anyone. Though, adding some color may make them look stand out even more. It will add to the pop of the look. Whether you decide to go with your natural hair color or another color, just make sure you style it well so that you stand out.

Colored hairstyles.

One way of flexing your curls without much effort is by having in a man bun. With perfectly styled edges, this will be a look to attract some attention. The curls are obviously making the look much more awesome. The color on this one is making it pop even better. The shade blends well with everything. That is always key when styling your hair.

There are a lot of hairstyles that you can style along with the man bun. You can style it with the mohawk, taper fade, and even slick back. This will give prevent the hair from flooding your face. This kind of hairstyle is suitable for men.

To get a look like this, you have no choice but to grow your hair out. This will help you when securing it at the back as you won’t have to struggle with it. It is nice and will also help you try some other hairstyle you might find interesting.

Man Bun Hairstyles; Casual

Your slick back hairstyle will look on point if you have it accompanied by a tiny bun. This will serve both an official and a casual look. Therefore, it is suitable for any kind of function. This will look good on anyone.

Black is one color to always consider if you are out of options on which colors to choose. This will save you from the trouble of choosing complex colors. It will also give you an advantage in your hairstyle to stand out. This will look best on men.

This is one hairstyle to try if you have long hair. A simple hairstyle that will give you an exemplary look. This is one hairstyle to try.

Messy hair buns are always attractive. Having this kind of style will save you a great deal. It takes minimal time and there is unnecessary styling required. This is a nice look on anyone.

Most people go for the high man bun. You can try and be unique by trying the hairstyle below. All you need is something to secure it with. Not only does this hairstyle save your time but it also prevents your hair from flooding the face.

Man Bun Hairstyles

Color is an important factor when choosing a hairstyle. You are always recommended to choose something outstanding and one that blends perfectly with your skin. If you are having trouble choosing the different shades, you can seek help from a professional. This will make it easier for you to get the perfect color.


Blonde is a vivid color and it won’t be difficult to recognize even from a distance. Having this hairstyle will make you the talk of the town. This is recommended for you.


If you have long, wavy hair, this is the way to go. It brings out an interesting look. You can make this your signature look since not many have tried it yet.


It is important to do your research on the professional barbers around your home. This way you can get to choose one that you believe will give you the desired look. You will know what to expect after the haircut.


This is an incredible look for anyone. It stands out it is also specific. Not many have tried it so you can try it before it becomes a go-to hairstyle.


Man Bun Hairstyles For All Occasions

Your mohawk haircut can also be accompanied by this hairstyle. It is easy and you can have it styled at home. This will look best on guys.


With minimal effort, you can get a hairstyle that stands out. This is recommended for people who are busy. It is nice and just fitting for any occasion.


Getting this hairstyle will give you an edgy look. You might be portrayed as a strict person and therefore people will be cautious when talking or approaching you. This hairstyle is perfect for men.


You can go all extra with your man bun. These two buns will make you outshine other people. They are a killer look. This fantastic hairstyle is recommended for you.


Two strands of cornrows is a nice way of displaying art in hairstyles. Add some of it to your hairstyle to get rid of the monotony. You can also decide to layer the hair towards the back so that it forms a nice back bun.Try this hairstyle before it becomes a day to day look.

Man Bun Hairstyles; Official

If you do not like hair all over your head, you can try this haircut. The slick back provides a clean look with an instant touch. It is an official look and suitable for work or even any form of function.


This is one classic technique to have your man bun. With this style, you can have it as long as you want. If you want something epic like this, it’s best to visit a professional. This will save you from the trouble of your hands being tired after styling it.


Those with dreadlocks can also have the hair in the amazing man bun hairstyle. This will help you manage them well as there isn’t unnecessary styling needed. This is one intriguing look.


You can attempt this clean look and it will just pop. Going with conspicuous shades also makes the look even more visible from afar. Ensure that your bun is well tied and firm at the top so that the strands do not fall off. This will make the hair look neat as well. This will look best on men. Consider giving this look a try.

The way you have your bun always so much about you. Here, you can find different ways to express yourself without much effort or even without saying much. This will look incredible on anyone.


Man Bun Hairstyles

You can get the style below and pair it with the perfect clothes. This will give you an artistic look. It is nice and elegant. This can also be a casual hairstyle and will be suitable for any occasion.


One hairstyle that will give you a million bucks look is the man bun. You can not go wrong with this hairstyle. It is easy and therefore you can do it even in the comfort of your home.


If you don’t like your hair up, you can try this hairstyle. It is simple but nice. This is recommended for you.


If you have wavy hair, this is the way to go. It is easy and you do not require a hairstylist to have it done. It also saves a huge amount of time.


The perfect way of having your man bun is by having it in different ways. You can let some of your hair down and hold the rest back up.


Man Bun Hairstyles; Official

Loose buns can make attractive. This is one hairstyle that can bring out your best looks without much effort. This is recommended for you.


The look below has been styled perfectly. Having long hair gives you the chance to style it however you want. This is incredible since there are many techniques to try when styling your hair.


If you are looking for an official look, this is the one to go for. It does not take much to have it together and will just make you outstanding. This is recommended for you.


Going with a bold color such as black can give you an edgy look. This will make people view you differently. Some will see you as someone not be messed with. This can make people show you respect at any time.


Choosing the lower man bun can be unique since not so many people go for it. It is easier and will also give you any look you want. When styled with the appropriate outfit, you will definitely stand out.


Man Bun Hairstyles

Extremely long hair can sometimes be a challenge to manage. To save yourself from all the stress, you can have it secured at the back with a rubber band. The style below is recommended for you.


Man bun hairstyles are so over the top. They have unique styles and designs. This one below is one of the many great designs. The cornrows are quite thick and they are layered nicely towards the back. This look is a work of art. Get this one and you will love it.

Color is one thing that adds boldness to a look. This one below is the real deal. The color is well incorporated into the hair. The shades all blend well together. This is an amazing look that you should consider giving a try.

Such a perfect style for everyone, both the young and the old, women and men. This man bun look is absolutely comfortable and so over the top. Give this look a try and you will definitely enjoy having it.

Defined curls are generally a banger when it comes to hairstyles. This man bun showed below is super authentic in all ways. There are small color additions that add to the general pop of the look. Get this and you will not regret it one bit.

Man Bun Hairstyles; Low Bun

Long hair is very versatile in most cases. It is super authentic and styling them is quite easy. This one below is one that stands out so nicely. The main thing that is making this hair stand out is the loose strands of hair that are to the sides. They add to the style and design of the look and that is definitely a plus. Give this look a shot if it’s your kind of style.

The short and long combo formed by long hair is so nice. This one below is one that is very authentic and unique in so many ways. The style just adds to the magic that is already happening to it. The loose strands elevate the texture of the look and make it look so nice. This is such a fun way to go about elevating our style. Consider giving this a try.

Tied up hairstyles.

There is nothing as beautiful as long hair in a man bun with curls at the ends of the hair. The overall look is always a banger and should be highly appreciated. This one below has all those elements blending together nicely and giving the look a nice overall oomph. Go give this look a try and see how much you like it.

This man bun is simple and still so over the top. It is very simple and everything about it stands out. The neatness of the look is what makes it get some added points. This is a look that will work both in informal and formal settings. It will also still look good when worn by either young or older people. Try out this amazing look and go rock it.

Long hairs have several styles that can be used to style them and make them look smart. There are so many unique style ideas that can be incorporated into long hair. The one below could be described as short and sweet. The bun is definitely the sweet part. This look is achieved by simply tying up your hair and making the curls at the back, the ones that form the bun more defined. Give this look a try and see how much you like it.

Man Bun Hairstyles

There are so many ways to style your man bun looks. This is one of the most simple ways to go about it. The bun has some small curls that add to the texture of the entire look and make it more elevated. The sides are all elevated in style with the way they are shaved and laid. This look is definitely one that you should consider giving a try.

This one is on another level with no doubt. The colors all blend well together and the amazing distinction the color brins to the whole look is one of a kind. Make your long hair stand out just like this and go rock the look.

Tie up your long hair into a man bun that goes all the way to the back and get the sides rocking messy curls. The curls add texture to the entire look and break its plain nature. They give the hair some life and that is always a bonus. Consider checking out this cool hairstyle.

The sidecut and the high tie-up make this look one feel proud of. This is one way to make your hair look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. This is also a comfortable look and is also easy to manage. Get this and you will love it.

Messy is the way to go if you want such a beautiful man bun look. The hair is all moved towards the back and tied up nicely. There is a nice mid-part that elevates the look even much more. Get this and you will definitely not regret it.

Man Bun Hairstyles

A man bun could also look nice when put at the very lower end of the hair towards the back. This one below has a mid-part that adds some sense of style and class to this look. This casual look is such a banger and you should check it out.

This man bun look is one way to ensure that your hair is in check and that you still look classy. This will work mostly on long curly hair though it will look good on plain hair as well. Definitely consider giving this a try.

A nice way to go about styling your hair and making it look simple and chic is by tying it up into a nice man bun at the center of your head towards the back. This hides the bun but still makes the entire look classy. It also adds to the neatness of the look.

Layering and flattening long hair is one of the simplest ways to go about styling your hair. For long hair, after making it flat, tie it at the back and make it look neat. The addition of gloss to the hair will make it more stylish and presentable.

The man bun hairstyle below is such an outstanding sight. The messy nature of the look makes it even more elevated in all ways. Try out this cool look and enjoy the awesome reviews that will come across.

Cool Men Hairstyles

The look below is definitely one to try out. There is nice incorporation of everything, from the styles to the layout. This speaks classy in all languages with no doubt. Long hair does not have to be boring. Try this out and see how you rock the look.

This look is such a unique one. The hair is nicely puffed up and tied into an amazing man bun. The color added to the messy bun adds a nice pop to the whole look. Get this and you definitely love it.

The hair is al tied up and it’s looking neat. This makes it easy to take care of. The look is comfortable for both men and men. Try this out and see how much you love it.

Style combos are so unique on hair. This one, in particular, has two style designs on it. The upper part is well combed and tied up. The sides are shaved and are laying neatly. This one is the perfect look to get if you want an elevated level of class.

The plain texture of the man bun below is one of a kind. If you have long hair then this is the way to go. Tie up some of your hair and let the rest flow down. The style is more feminine but it works for both genders anyway. Try this look and you will love it.

Wavy Hairstyles

Tie your long hair into a nice man bun and feel the vibe. This is such a bomb look. Especially with curly hair, the look becomes even more bold and stylish. The look is simple and definitely one to try out.

A nice man bun formed right at the top of your hair is an amazing look. This one is of that nature. The bun at the top draws attention to the upper part that is oozing with style. This look is also comfortable and easy to manage. Get this and you will definitely love it.

Long loose hair is made to look even more stylish by simply tying it up into a bun like the one shown below. Extra hair strands that tend to flow out of the bun are actually good because they add to the texture and style of the look.

The man bun below is such a great look. The hair is all tied up nicely and it does look nice. The style is comfortable and you should definitely consider trying this out.

Cornrows and plain hair is such a banger. The ones shown below add a break of the norm to the look. The style is new in that, the cornrows make it a bit more elevated. The look below is neat and absolutely presentable. Get your hair looking this old textured and classy with this look.

Amazing Men Hairstyles

This look is both simple and sophisticated at the same time. The messy nature of the look and the general styling give it that sophisticated look. The bun at the top shows the simple part. It has just been tied up. This look is such a banger and you should consider trying it out.

This look is so chic. The hair is quite long and the layering is doing it all the justice it deserves. The layering has definitely made it more authentic and stylish. Try this out.

Define your curls a bit more on your long hair and then tie it all up into a nice man bun. This look below is a simple one that is easy to take care of. It is a very versatile look as well and therefore you can play around with the styling.

The messy look of this man bun is what makes it super unique and stand out. This is one look that you can rock anywhere regardless of your age. Give this a try and see how much you enjoy it.

The man bun below is one of the easiest to pull off. It is easy to put together and maintain it is also quite simple. This hairstyle is also comfortable. The simplicity of the look definitely makes it stand out even more.

Trendy and Unique Hairstyles

Thick buns are also a thing. This one shown below is so over the top with that great styling it has. The added details at the back make the look even more unique. This shows a nice playful and daring side of a person. If you want to show those sides of you, then this is one of the best ways to express that.

Simple is always good. Less is more s they say. This man bun has the least of style manipulations on it and yet it still rocks. It’s a banger. Taking care of this one is also easy as it does not involve much. Try this out and see how much you love it.

Simplicity is one thing that most people consider when they want to put a man bun. This one below is among one of the simplest ways to go about styling it and making it simple. This look is not only classy but also very unique. Give this a try and you will definitely love it.

The high tiny man bun stands out in all ways. The hair is plain and is laying down nicely. The cuts at the sides are adding more flavor to the whole look. The simple nature of this look just takes it to a whole new level. This is one look to try out for sure.

A high man bun is equally stylish and this one below is one of a kind. The bun has curls that are so much defined. The lower part of the hair is shaved and some style is added to it to make it stand out even more. Get this look and you will definitely love it.

Voluminous Men Hairstyles

Tie up your hair just like this one below and then make the strands of your hair that form the bun form curls. Whether the curls are thick or thin, the outcome will look great anyway. This one below is exceptionally beautiful. Just get yours done right and you will get this amazing look as well.

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