135 Military Haircut Designs For The Tough Ones

Military haircut designs have been embraced by a lot of people over the years. This makes it a great hairstyle to try out. The jet black color makes it pop giving it an outstanding look.


Classic Military Haircuts

The side part gives it a clean look hence bringing the haircut altogether. This is something you should definitely try if you want an official hairstyle. This is an incredible look and it is fit for any occasion.


The fading of the hair into the skin adds a nice touch to the haircut. This is suitable for men. This can be a good way of embrace your natural hair color.


If you are going for short hair, this might be your best choice to go for. It is simple and does not take much time to get it done. Anyone can also look good with this haircut.


A flat top is one of the common haircuts among the many military hairstyles. It is easy and also does not need too much attention. To get this haircut, you should ensure that you hair is at least 3 inches long. This will create the best look.


With your edges well done, nothing can go wrong with this haircut. It is decent and does not require any maintenance. The hair completely blends with the skin giving it a nice look.


Short Military Haircuts

Short hair is something easy to manage as there is no extra attention needed. This might be a haircut suitable for any age. The hair also takes long to grow therefore you will have some time before your next visit to the babershop.


The jet black color is bold and will definitely stand out. This will make it more eye-catching. With this kind of haircut, you will stand out with any kind of outfit.


The slick back haircut is an amazing haircut. With the correct color chose, the haircut will just pop. If you are out of options on which color to use, you might as well try black. It is an easier choice but gives you the best looks.


If you don’t want to go completely bald, here is a haircut you can try. It is easy to manage and does not require much attention. This will look best on men.


The taper fade haircut is a common style among the many military haircuts. This is a fancy way of having your taper fade, therefore you can try it before it becomes a go-to haircut.


Military Haircut Ideas

To have this kind of haircut, you would want to make sure your hair is at least 4 inches long. This will give it a perfect look without trying too hard.


For someone who wants to expose or display their tattoos, this is one way to go. It is easy and the artwork is displayed perfectly. With the hair combed sideways, you are able to display your tattoos without any struggle.

To achieve a smart look, you can try having a side curve. This will make it even more attractive without you doing too much. The curve also makes the haircut neater which creates an elegant look.


Military Haircut Designs

The buzz cut is suitable for those who like short hair or those who are so busy. This does not require any extra attention and that is what makes it more likable.


Combing your hair sideways is a unique way of including some fashion to your haircut. This haircut is recommended for you.



Military haircuts can symbolize different things. You can have a military haircut for a fresh start or for another reason.


Trying different haircuts is a genius way to know what you like. This will give you an idea of how you look with different types of haircuts.


Military haircuts were only meant for those in the military but lately, a number of people have tried the haircuts and it works well with them. There are a number of the different haircuts to choose from and you only need to find one that suits you best.


Military Haircut Ideas

The choice of color is one great aspect when choosing a haircut. To make sure you identified the correct color, you should consider your complexion among other things. This will help you come up with something that blends with your skin perfectly.


A messy slick back can serve as an official as well as a casual haircut. This will be incredible since it also matches with any kind of clothing or accessories worn.


The thin waves and the taper fade make an incredible duo to achieve this kind of military haircut. They are easy to maintain therefore there is no maximum effort required.


If you don’t like going for complete bald, here is a haircut for you to try. The hair will take longer to grow back up and this might just save your coins. This haircut will look great on men.


When choosing haircuts, there are different things you might want to consider before descending on one. Choose a haircut that fits your style best and gives you the best looks.


Military Haircut Ideas; For Men

This is a beautiful way of having your hair spiky. It is easy and it also does not need unnecessary styling. The hair might take some time to grow and this will give you enough time before booking the next appointment to the barbershop.


You can make your hair flat top but gradually decrease as it goes behind. This is recommended for anyone who wants to try something charming. This can be your next new gaze.


This is an astounding haircut for men. It is for both casual and official purposes. This can be a go-to style especially when one is busy or likes simple haircuts.


If you are out of options on the color to choose for your haircut, you can seek guidance from an expert. This will make your work easier and you will know what to expect later. Those seeking for long military haircuts can attempt these looks. They are both outstanding and draw the attention needed.


For an edgy look, you can go for the haircut below. This will give you a fierce look which appears nice. There is a range of military haircuts. You just have to choose one that fits you perfectly. Here are some choices for you to try.


Military Haircut Ideas

The glossy finish makes it bold and vibrant. This jet black color also contributes to the haircut which just makes it epic. All this combination gives it a soft look making you approachable.


This is one classic haircut. The mixing of flattop, mohawk, and taper fade gives it a fantastic finish. This haircut might seem like a tough look and no one will want to mess with you. This haircut is suitable for policemen or those in the military.


This crew cut is a stunning haircut but only a few people can pull it off. It is easy since there is no unnecessary styling required. This will look best on men.


You can try adjusting the military haircut to your preferred length. This way, you will get the perfect haircut and also with the length that you prefer. This is one way of embracing your natural curls without doing too much. This will look best on anyone.


Military haircuts are low maintenance, masculine and classic. Having this type of look will just give you the character trait that you are strong. The taper fade haircut creates an illusion that the hair disappears into the skin making it incredible.


   Military Haircuts

Only a number of people can be able to pull off curly haircuts. Here is one below that you can try. It is not demanding and you can also choose the alternative depending on your preference. Going extra with your outfit can also add some pop to your haircut. This is important especially when you are seeking some attention.


Military haircuts are considered by most people since they are comfortable and easy to manage and do not require extra attention. In this case, you can choose the haircut below to serve all purposes and generally give you an incredible look.


Here is one of the many haircuts that have been embraced over the years and still continue to be worn by many. It is a casual look but can also serve as an official one. Most people need an outstanding haircut that does not take away their beauty. Here is one hairstyle you can try.


You can have your hair short and spiky. To ensure you get a bold look, you can either go for black or other bold colors such as dark brown. These shades will give you a detailed look without trying too much.


This is a haircut suitable for those who want both an official and casual haircut. It is simple but definitely gives you the best looks. This is suitable for all ages.


Military Haircuts; Official Designs

Short hair can be a basic style. To add some pop to it, you can have a slight curve in the middle. This will make it more unique and even much better. This haircut is wonderful since it can be matched with any kind of outfit.


Having a haircut like this might portray that you are not someone to be messed with. It can also portray other things and this might be just the new way of expressing yourself.This haircut can give you a defined look if worn by the right choice of outfit.


Going for an edgy but subtle look, here is one you should try. There is no energy needed in achieving this haircut making it an effortless look. Its simplicity brings out its beauty which is amazing.


Below is a haircut to try out if you are going for a more calm look. This is fitting for all ages. The haircut is suitable for attending dinner functions, parties, or even for work.


Military men are required to have short hair and this might be just the perfect choice for you. It will take you some time before your next appointment and it also turns out incredibly nice. This might be the


Military Haircut Designs

This is a perfect description of a taper fade hair cut. The hair perfectly blends with the skin until there is no more. With this haircut, you won’t need extra attention since it is easy and no styling is required. If you want to avoid hair down your neck or on your face, you can try this haircut.


This haircut is suitable for those looking for less fade. The hair will not completely fade into your skin and this will just create a fantastic look. This is also a comfortable haircut and can be suitable for any function.


If you are thinking of an official look, here is one for you to try out. It is straightforward but also gives you a neat look. This, however, will only be achievable when you visit an expert.


Mixing of colors can be troublesome for some people. In order for you to choose the right colors, you can ask for assistance from an expert who will guide you into choosing one that fits you perfectly. This slightly complicated haircut gives you an astounding style.


A slight curve is something that most people have not yet tried. You might try out this new look before it becomes a go-to style for most people. This will look incredible on men.


Military Haircuts; All Ages

The haircut below can be a day to day look. This is because it is simple and also does not need extra care. It is suitable for all ages. This is recommended for those who like simple but stylish haircuts.


Mohawk has been embraced over the years by many people. This is one look to try since anyone can pull off such a great haircut. This is a simple and subtle look. It takes less time to achieve the haircut thus saving time.


Having the haircut below can bring different views on people. Some might see it as intimidating while others see it as a classic look. This kind of haircut portrays that someone is not to be messed with. With this haircut, people will show you respect even by doing nothing.


Many individuals go for this haircut since it gives them their best look. Having this haircut will not only make you confident but also it matches with any type of occasion. This is incredible for all ages.


Dark brown is a prominent color that won’t go unnoticed. With the shiny effect, this will give the design an elegant touch. Doing your research also makes it easier to know what to expect after a haircut. This will help you avoid any form of exploitation from amateurs.


Military Haircut Designs

Spiky hair is a customary hairstyle among the youth. To spice it up, you can add some color to make it more vibrant. With this technique, it will clearly be interesting. To get this kind of look, you need to have your hair at least 4 inches long. This will help you get the perfect style without much struggle.


A clean look is always attractive. With the jet black color, nothing can go wrong with this haircut. This is recommended for those who don’t want a complete fade. This looks best on guys.


A nice part on the side always brings a nice touch to the haircut. It can also serve as an official or casual haircut. This is suitable for guys. To get a good look, you are supposed to consider the shape of your face and head. This will help you to choose the perfect style for you.


To get the perfect slick back, you should ensure that your hair is at least 4 inches long. This will enable you to get a beautiful slick back without any struggles. The blonde color makes it vibrant and therefore easy to be seen.


If you don’t like long hair, then you can go for this military slick back haircut. It may take some time but the results will be worth it. It can be best for work or any other occasion.

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Military Haircut Ideas

Mixing different haircuts together might be a risk but the results are always great. This is a nice way of incorporating the flat top, slick back, and the taper fade haircut. It gives you an incredible look.

Official haircuts can be difficult to find especially if you are looking for something that will stay for long. Well, here is one for you to try out before it becomes a day to day hairstyle. If you have short hair, you can comb it sideways to create a beautiful look.

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Here is one phenomenal haircut for everyone. It takes less time since it does not require unnecessary styling. It is also a good look for anyone. This is a nice style for those who want a simple fade.

A side curve is an alluring way of adding style to a haircut. It is simple but gives off nice look. Below is an idea for you to attempt. It is a nice look and also suitable for anyone.


Different haircuts are not only there to give you a sense of style but also your preferences. With a specific haircut, you can tell more about a person without having them saying anything. The dark brown color also plays a big role in making it outstanding.


Military Haircuts

Incorporating different hairstyles can be tricky but with the aid of an expert, everything will go on smoothly. This is nice for people who like short haircuts. Here is an idea recommended for you.


Spiky hair has been part of the military haircuts for a long time. The style has been embraced by many and it still continues to be worn by a lot of people. Below is an idea for you to try. Having this haircut may portray that you are stronger. This will look great on men.


Men with short hair can also try out the style below. It is nice and simple. In addition to that, it does not require maximum management. This might act as both an official or casual look.


You can go for less fade if you don’t like bald. Here is one idea you should try out before it becomes a norm. You can try this side parting instead of going for a complete curve.


Black is a conspicuous shade. If you are looking for a bold, color, this might be the best option for you. It is also easy to manage and will attract some attention.


Military Haircut Ideas

A shimmery look can entirely change a haircut from typical to extravagant. This is an incredible haircut to try out. With the correct color choice, this will turn out great.


The taper fade is a nice haircut for all ages. The fading of the hair into the skin makes it more astonishing. This is recommended for you. This is incredible for anyone who likes long hair.


You can also create a flat top out of the slick back you have. It is easy and won’t require a professional. This is suitable for guys. It is easy to style and won’t take time.


Looking for a new and unique technique to style your hair, this is the perfect fit for you. The hairstyle as well as the parting won’t go unrecognized. The hair meets in the middle forming an amazing pattern. This might be best for any occasion.


This haircut is suitable for those who don’t like the hair on the sides of your head. You don’t need to pay too much attention since there is less hair. This is a comfortable haircut and might be best for school, play, parties, or even homestay.


Military Haircuts; Any Occasion

Going bald is a great choice for those in the military as well as those that are busy. This is because it does not need any kind of attention and hair will also take time to grow. This will help you save some coins before your next appointment to the barbershop.


You can opt for combing your hair sideways instead of backward. This will break the cliche that most people are used to. When styling, you are required to use a wide-tooth comb to get the effect desired.


Perfectly trimmed edges and ends are what make a haircut look astounding. This is incredible as it is neat and put together. You can also make this your signature look for anyone who can pull it off.


Such a wonderful haircut with just the correct choice of color. This is one look to try if you can pull it off. You can also try this haircut if you don’t want the side curve.


The blonde hair color is vibrant and will clearly visible even from afar. This is one great haircut to try. You can try this haircut if you have a busy schedule or if you like short hair.


Military Haircut Ideas; Casual Looks

Going with your natural haircut is a nice way of having your military haircut. This will make it appear even more fascinating and will stand out. This style can be best for parties, homestay, or even work. This is best for men.


A mini flat top can be a nice military haircut. It does not require extra attention and brings out the best looks. This is fitting for men. You can try this haircut with different hair colors or shades.


A side part is one of the many ways to get your haircut popping. This will do a lot more with minimal trying. This is recommended for those who like long hair.


Instead of going for a slick back, you can actually choose this. The style is put together and it can also match with any kind of clothing or accessories. This will look incredible on those who have shorter hair since both sides meet in the middle.


Military haircuts can do more than just giving you a good look. It also portrays what you like and also some of your interests. This is one way to express yourself. One of the benefits of this haircut is that you can have it done at home.


Simple Military Haircut Ideas

This is an intriguing hairstyle. The glossy effect makes it eye-catching. With this haircut, you will stand out no matter the crowd. To have this haircut, you should ensure that your hair is at least 5 inches long to get the perfect slick back.

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Having a haircut like this will not only take less time but also the hair will take long before it grows back up. This will be an advantage as it may also help you save some coins. This can give you an edgy but also a calm look.


Doing research is one key when you want to get your hair done. This will not only give you style options to choose from but also you will get to see the work that the hairstylist has done previously.


For short, spiky hair, this is the way to go. It is clean and classic. This is suitable for men. With the hair gradually fading on the skin, a stunning look is created.


Slicking back your hair sideways makes it more outstanding and unique. This is a great idea to attempt since not many people have come to try it out yet. This haircut will look best on men.


Military Haircut Ideas

It only takes a professional to pull off this kind of look. Going to the right person for your haircuts will leave you with a satisfied look since you know what the outcome will be. With the jet black color, this will definitely stand out no matter the crowd.


The military people are required to have short hair. While achieving that, you can also look stylish by trying out this outstanding haircut. This haircut can work best on any occasion since it is both a casual and an official haircut.


If you like less hair on your sides, you should try this hairstyle as it gives you a perfect look. The Hair blends with the skin perfectly giving it an incredible style. The messy slick back makes it even more fascinating.


You can also add some waves to your military haircut. This will make it more fascinating and create a stunning look. This haircut does not take time before it is done, therefore saving time.


The slightly glossy hair is something people find attractive. Having this haircut is a sure bet to you looking good without much effort. The side part also adds a little touch to it make it pleasing.


Military Haircuts; Short Hair

Military haircuts are always simple but also do the best. If you are looking for something easy but also nice, you should go for the one below. This will look best on men.


The slick back haircut is one amazing haircut. You can also add the mohawk hairstyle to give it some touch. You should try this out. This style can be achieved by using a wide-tooth comb for styling.


To achieve this effect, you are needed to do your research on the best barbershops around your area. This will give you the chance to make a clear choice on which person you want to tend to your hair. It will also give you a clear vision of what to expect after the haircut.


The choice of color is one thing to put into consideration. You should ask for a professional’s guidance before choosing any color. You can also add some color to enhance your natural hair color.


Incorporating different hairstyles is a genius way of having a style that stands out. This is suitable for those who like spiky hair. You can also accompany your haircut with other different styles.




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