90 Easy Twist Braids for Every Type of Hair

Twist braids have long been a favourite hairstyle for women all over the world not just for their beauty but also for the diversity they offer. When you sport twist braids, you can style your hair in casual dos or you can opt for sophisticated styles meant for special occasions.  

Not only that, but many consider twist braids to be a great protective hairstyle as well for those with fragile or thin natural hair. We have compiled in this article a series of magnificent twist braids ideas that work well for any type of hair, as well as FAQs, tips and tricks. Enjoy! 


What Are Twist Braids? 

Since there are so many types of braids out there, the best thing to do is to start by defining twist braids in themselves.  

So, what are twist braids? 

The nature of these braids can be guesses based on their name. Instead of the classic braids that use three strands of hair which are usually plaited, twist braids only use two. The strands are twisted on their own first and then coiled around each other. This is what creates that iconic and super feminine look that everyone now associates with twist braids.  

Of course, you can create many looks using these types of braids, but this is the basic. If you can master this, you’ve mastered twists! 

What Are Passion Twist Braids? 

We couldn’t possibly talk about twist braids and not mention passion twists. They have been trending on Instagram as well as hair salons around the world since 2018. But what are they and how are they different from classic twists? 

Passion twists were invented by Kailyn Rogers, a very talented hairstylist based in Miami. If you’re addicted to the gram, you might know her as the Boho Babe.  

She was the one who created passion twist braids specifically for her clients who wanted a very simple and easy to care for hairstyle. But one that was also incredibly glamorous. According to her own statements, the hairstylist got inspiration from God himself for these amazing braids. 

Therefore, she posted the look on Instagram for the first time in January 2018. Quickly enough, the style caught on and the immensely talented hairstylist received requests on how to do passion twists. So, she posted a tutorial. But the style has been trending ever since only gaining more and more popularity. 

What Are Twist Box Braids? 

We know you’ve already heard of box braids. But do you know what twist box braids are? As the name suggests, this is a wonderful combination between box braids and classic twists.  

In other words, this hairstyle starts off with box braids and ends with twists. The fantastic thing about this choice is that it’s super protective. But we’re also thrilled about how versatile they are.  

Seeing as the roots are actually braided, it will be very difficult for your hair to become undone. Therefore, you will be at perfect liberty to wash and then condition your hair as you normally do.  

Another fantastic aspect of twist box braids is that they last much longer than normal twists or even box braids. As a result, you won’t have to visit your hairstylist for a replacement so often, saving you money and time.  

The Best Twist Braids Hairstyles of the Season 

If you want to try twist braids but don’t really know how to style them, or if you already have twist braids, and are at a loss on how to keep doing your hair every day, here is a great list of ideas that are trending right now! 

Half up Half Down Twist Braids 

This hairstyle is as simple as they come. But the beauty is that you can wear it anywhere you like, including for fancy occasions such as a wedding or a New Year’s party. It’s a half up half down style than you can create using your twist braids. 

Use a series of bobby pins to secure the braids in the back and create a faux bun effect. Make sure to secure the braids to your head as well as you can. Allow the rest of the braids to flow down your back freely, and voila! An elegant and classy hairdo. 

Platinum Twist Braids 

If platinum is the hair color you dream about, then don’t worry! You won’t have to bleach your hair. Of course, you can. But we don’t recommend that you go through that process, since bleach in itself is a dangerous chemical that could damage your hair and scalp. 

However, the great thing about wearing twist braids is that they will save your from bleaching your hair. Instead, you can opt for a set of platinum extensions that look so natural, no one will ever know they’re not real! Just remember to have them reinstalled fairly quickly, when you notice your natural hair is starting to show at the roots.

Half Shaved Hairstyles 

This haircut was extremely popular in the second half of the 2010s. In fact, it was so popular that many celebrities jumped on this trend as well. Remember Natalie Dormer? However, its popularity has dwindled down a little since we entered the 2020s. Even more so since the 2000s are expected to make a comeback in terms of fashion and style, bringing with them the hairstyles we used to wear back then. 

However, it’s safe to say that this is a super cool hairstyle which you can still wear. Simply make sure that it fits the shape of your face as well as your personal fashion sense and aesthetic. Now that it’s not a trend anymore, it needs to fit you like a glove! 

Caramel Blonde Twist Braids 

The great thing about twist braids is that they allow you to experiment with color as much as you want. Of course, you can do that with your own hair. But only to some extent. When you use your natural hair, you always run the risk of damaging it. Or of the color payoff not being exactly what you imagined. 

However, when it comes to twist braids, seeing as most of them are made with extensions, you know you are getting exactly what you pay for. This, for example, is a set of absolutely gorgeous caramel blonde twists with a few Manhattan blonde highlights thrown in. Amazing! 

How to Care for Twist Braids 

Getting twist braids is an exciting step in your life, we know! But it’s only the beginning. From now on you will be embarking on a journey that requires you to look after your braids, natural hair, and scalp as best as you can. Here are the best tips on how to care for twist braids. 

  • Protect your hair while you sleep 

Don’t worry, it’s simple and comfortable! All you have to do is wrap your head in a silk scarf. Or use a silk or satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one. This will ensure your braids don’t dry out and that your edges don’t frill. 

At the same time, satin and silk don’t shed as much as cotton does. Therefore, you won’t get lint stuck in your twists.  

Tip – if you really want to protect your twist braids, do both. The reason is that you might lose the silk scarf throughout the night as you twist and turn. And when you do, you will still be left with the silk pillowcase to protect you. 

  • Always moisturize your scalp 

We can’t even begin to tell you how important this step is. Your scalp needs constant moisture when you’re wearing twist braids. If you fail to give it the proper amount of moisture it requires, the braids might simply break off.  

Therefore, all you need to do is buy your favorite moisturizer, preferably in the shape of a spray and start spritzing away. You can buy a cream as well, but a spray will simply be easier to apply.  

  • What do I moisturize with? 

Since we’re talking about moisture, let’s break down a list of products you should use. But, most importantly, products you should never ever apply to your scalp when you’re wearing twist braids. 

The rule of thumb when it comes to moisture is never to use unnatural products! 

The first products on the ‘to avoid’ list are mineral oils. This could be a tricky one, as mineral oils are a very common ingredient in most supermarket and cheap moisturizers. This is why you should always read the label when you buy something. Then, if possible, try to avoid mineral oils.  

Instead, choose products that have natural oils such as coconut, argan, almond, or grape seed oil. You know what they say, you can’t go wrong with natural ingredients!  

  • Wash your braids twice a week 

Here’s another misconception for you. Most people seem to believe that twist braids don’t require washing at all. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because your natural hair is hidden away beneath twist braids, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry on with your normal hygiene routine. 

Therefore, we recommend that you wash your twist braids twice a week to get rid of dirt, oil, sebum, and lint. If you don’t, all this residue will transform into build-up. This is the number one cause of scalp acne as well as that icky whiteness you sometimes see in braids. 

  • Do not overstyle your braids 

We have already touched upon this topic very briefly in our FAQ section, so let’s add some details here. Overstyling your braids means pulling them into a tight bun or high ponytail constantly. 

You might want to look like Ariana Grande, but remember that these hairstyles, especially when you have braids, are putting an enormous pressure on your scalp. This constant pressure will pull your hairline and slowly destroy your roots which are already very thirsty. Overstyling in combination with a lack of moisture is a fatal combination 

  • Reinstall your twist braids after 4 weeks 

In theory, braids can last you up to 10 weeks if you are in a pinch. Remember this because it’s hugely important! Only if you are in a pinch, cannot get to your hairstylist or simply don’t have the money to redo your braids right now! 

Otherwise, you should reinstall your twist braids every four weeks. Stylists agree that you have a grace period of about two weeks after that for an appointment with your favorite salon, but no more than that. 

Twist Braids FAQs 

There are so many important questions that need answering when it comes to twist braids! Especially if you’re a beginner and you’ve only just started on your braid journey. But fear not because we have compiled a great FAQ section right here that will help you keep your braids safe and gorgeous! 

  • Can you braid any type of hair? 

Absolutely! There is a common misconception floating around that twist braids might only work for African or so-called ‘black’ hair. That’s wrong. You can braid any type of hair you want, as long as you use the appropriate products that will help you along the way.  

  • Do twist braids use extensions? 

It depends. It’s all up to you and your stylist, but other criteria can be taken into account such as your budget, what type of hair you have or what look or style you are trying to achieve with your twist braids. 

If you or your stylist feel like your natural hair is enough for the look or length or braids you want, then you won’t need extensions at all. However, more often than not, girls want very long and thick twist braids. Those are the looks you can typically see on Instagram posts. It’s safe and objective to say here that all those looks have been achieved with the help of extensions. Therefore, take that into account! 

  • What kind of hair is used for twist braids? 

As always when talking about extensions, the best type of hair one can use is human hair. However, that can be difficult to find in some regions or even through some salons. Not to mention that it may very well be outside your budget.  

Therefore, you can use a replacement such as synthetic hair. In fact, there are quite a few hair stylists who argue that synthetic hair might actually be better than natural hair. The reason, they say, is that synthetic strands of hair will keep the twists from unravelling too soon. In this way, you won’t have to keep going back to the salon for a retwist. 

  • How long do twist braids last? 

In theory, twist braids can last up to 10 weeks.  

However, specialists usually warn everyone than a twist braid should not stay on your scalp for more than four to six weeks at a time.  

Any more than that and the twists in themselves could start to harm you. Instead of being the wonderful, protective hairstyle we all know and love, twists could prevent your natural hair from getting moisture. 

  • Do twist braids break hair? 

No, they do not. As mentioned many times, twist braids are a protective hairstyle. As a result, they are quite the opposite of being damaging. They are usually put in place to protect your natural hair and allow it to grow and develop underneath the braids in a safe and healthy way.  

However, there are some cases in which you can overstyle your braids. This means twisting them too much, putting them in tight buns and ponytails or sleeping with your twists in extremely tight updos.  

In the long run, overstyling and constricting hairstyles can have the reverse effect. In other words, they can damage not only the braids in themselves, but your natural hair as well. 

  • Do twist braids grow hair? 

No, twist braids do not play any part in growing your hair. 

This is a very important question to answer. Because the majority of people ask it online and because there is a major misconception created around it. Somehow, there is a stereotype running around twist braids that they can help your hair grow faster.  

That’s not true. The hair that you can see at the roots of the braids is simply your natural hair growing from the scalp. The braids are just extensions twisted into coils. There is no evidence to prove that they could affect hair growth.  

  • Do twist braids hurt? 

No, they do not hurt. 

Moreover, if your braids hurt, you should address your hair stylist immediately to have them loosened or removed!  

Braids are just a simple hairstyle that should feel comfortable on your scalp in every situation, including in the shower and when you are sleeping. If you are feeling any kind of discomfort at any point, especially pain, please have your braids removed! 

Twist braids are a great protective style that will also add a touch of glamour and high fashion to your life. If you’re looking for more tips and ideas on hairstyles, hairdos, and braids, please don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our great articles right here! 

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