78 Zyan Malik Hairstyle Designs To Look Amazing!

Zyan Malik hairstyle has become the go-to style for many young men. Being a great musician, his hairstyles definitely match his prowess as well. These hairstyles are of very many different kinds. The styles are so many and each one of them has a different twist of style added to it. The styles make the looks pop more. Some looks are bold, others are vibrant and others are a bit tamed down and simple. Either way, all of them bring out his personality and his nice looks as well. Check out these hairstyles and use one on yourself too.


Short thick Zyan malik hairstyles

Zyan’s short thick hair is a banger. The look is very simple and very classy. Pulling this kind of look will definitely work on most people. Take your time and check out some of zyan malik hairstyle that you can try out.

Get this look by simply making the front hair curly and a bit messy. Zyan is killing this look with the style also enhancing the facial features beautifully.  This is a nice style to try if you have messy hair or you like keeping messy but stylish hair.


This look is quite simple to put together. It does not have so much going on with it yet it’s classy. The styling is what makes the whole look even much more elated all together. The glossy nature of the hair is something that cannot be ignored as it shapes the hair quite nicely.

Get your hair looking this bomb by adding some simple mid part. This zyan malik hairstyle is another unique one that’s worth trying out. His hair is quite long and the mid part does not go all the way to the back. That is one thing to consider when applying this style.

Long classy zyan malik hairstyle ideas

Get a nice long front bang just like this one. This is done by layering some of your long curly hair at the front and letting it flow nicely. This is so nice. You can also decide to make the front bang lie on both sides if you prefer covering most parts of the face. If you want something that frames your face beautifully then consider trying out this zyan malik hairstyle.

Long curly zyan malik hairstyle

Long curly hair may be stressful to deal with at times. The best way to go about it and make it stylish is by copying Zyan’s look below. The curls are all layered nicely at the front. The voluminous nature of the hairstyle below is elegant with the tapered sides adding depth to the style.

Layer all your curls at the top of your hair and get the groove going. This look is quite authentic and also very appealing. You should definitely try this look if you have very defined curls.

Shave off the sides of your hair and layer the hair nicely jus like zyan malik hairstyle. The upper part is also well layered and adding some nice gloss to it will make it stand out even more. The hairstyle looks simple yet very nicely done.

If you have loose long hair, getting inspiration form this zyan malik hairstyle will definitely work for you. The curls are well laid at the front. That not only makes them very stylish but also very manageable and sexy. Give it a try if you have the hair texture and length to go with it.

Tie up your loose hair in a nice little pony and rock the look. A nice way to add uniqueness to this style would be to trim or shave off the sides of your hair. This will give it that little push to a much higher level of class in general. Everything about the below zyan malik hairstyle looks spectacular and worth giving a try.

Spiky zyan malik hairstyles

Your spiky look can be made more accentuated by adding some styling. These spikes are well done and the front looks somewhat undercut. This is simple but clever styling with the aspect of color also adding to the entire style.

For very long hair, the best thing would just be to tie it into a pony at the back and get your groove going. This is one way to get your long hair more tamed and stylish at the same time. the layered nature of this zyan malik hairstyle is one thing that makes it pop.

Your long curls will look better with this celebrity styling. Zyan has greatly pulled this off. The front part adds to the general oomph of the look.


For your medium length hair, get the front part undercut nicely and for the rest of the hair, get a nice mo-hawk to go all the way to the back. Zyan malik hairstyle below looks voluminous yet very classy with the upper layers adding dimension to the style.

If your hair is spiky all through, this is definitely one of the best ways to go about it. Get the spikes all up together and trim off the sides so that the main focus is on the spikes.


Color inspired hairstyles.

Spiky hair does not have to be boring. Get some nice color on it so that it pops even more. This look by Zyan is killing it from all angles. It’s a try out for sure especially if you have the right hair texture and length.

One way to make your hair be on the trendy side always is to incorporate both long and short characteristics. This one has long hair to one side and short to the other. The sideline style blends them nicely and also creates such a nice contrast.

Intertwine your long hair so that the overall styling comes out very authentic and unique just like in the one shown below Zyan malik hairstyle. You can either choose to let it look relaxed and casual just like in the style below.

With voluminous hair, you could decide to form a heavy stylish swoosh. Get the swoosh to be layered nicely all through for an adorable look.

If you have long spiky hair, this is one of the many ways to go about styling it. The style is simple yet very gorgeous. This is so nice. You can also decide to tweak the style to your own liking and make it stand out.

Layered zyan malik hairstyles.

Layering hairstyles is one way to make your looks simple but classy. This hair has been well laid down and it does look good.

Add a nice middle parting all the way to the back. This look is very sexy and generally classy. If you have long hair, then this is the way if you are looking fora nice sexy look.

Medium length hair is made super stylish by dividing it into two sections first. The first part is made spiky and the lower part is laid down nicely. The result is one bomb look.



Full spiky hair is very beautiful. Get your hair well laid or interlocked and rock the outcome. This is a very brilliant way to go about styling your hair.

Spiky hair can also be made look nice by layering down all the spikes in the different hair directions. This one is just super nice. The general look is super low maintenance. Try this and you will really like it.

Middle length haircuts.

This is a nice haircut, especially for teens. You don’t have to trim all the hair and it just gives you the perfect look. Try this out and you will love it.

This is a nice style as it gives you an official look as well as a casual look. It also matches with any kind of outfit. This is one look you can try out.

For those who want almost a close shave, this is a perfect style to go for. It requires minimal attention and it also takes long before the hair grows back up.

This style is ideal for those who want long wavy hair. This is a style that requires some extra attention therefore it is advisable for one to take some time before choosing this hairstyle.

This is one of the hairstyles that has been embraced over the years and still continues to be one to go for. It is a voluminous style and therefore will look good on anyone.

Long hairstyles

One way to keep your face free from hair is by clipping it like shown below. This is an easy way of handling long hair and will definitely give you a nice look.

This glossy finish is what makes this style incredible. It is a nice idea and just makes the haircut look on point. Give this a try and see how it goes.

This look is so messy yet very stylish. The curls are all jumbled up and they look so nice. This is a style to try out for sure. It will work best on younger people and the investment on this look will surely be worth it.

Get this laid back look. The colors add some pop and a nice feel to the look. This is definitely a great style to sought after.

Get your curls this messy and add some style so that the components all blend well together. This look will look great with some little gloss added to it.

Buzz cuts

This nice buzz look will make you stand out with no doubt. Layer down the sides and get your spikes to look even more stylish and you will not regret it.

The uppercuts are quite long and well put in shape. This is one great way to add styling to your hair. Adding style to the sides will also make it stand out even better. Try this out.

Add a nice color to your hair and you will rock the look. This one below is simple but the color pop makes it super unique. Give this look a try.

Get a nice mini swoosh at the front of your hair to make your hair not only classy but also very authentic. This look is definitely a banger. Another cool thing about this look is that even if it gets messy, it can be easily put back together.  It requires very little maintenance in general.

The cuts on this look are definitely a banger. The cuts are resembling spikes and they all stand out with the great styling they have. This is so nice. Try this out and enjoy the comfort it will give you.

Irregular hairstyles.

Irregular hairstyles are the bomb especially when they are nicely layered. Get them layered in any style. Just make sure that the style looks unique.

Short hair is styled best with side cuts. Get yours looking like this and you will not regret it. The style is generally comfortable as well.

The messy large curls on this look are a show stopper. They are well laid together and that is a great way to tame your curls and still look presentable.

Overlay your curls all the way to the top and add some gloss to them to make them look even more appealing. This one in particular is one very classy.

Such authentic styles will always be a banger. The curls all go up nicely. The sides are nicely shaved down and all have formed a wonderful hairstyle.


Laidback zyan malik hairstyles.

Add some nice color pop to this kind of look to give it a nice boost. Swirling the curls upwards and grouping them together in a very stylish manner does the trick. This is nice. Go get this look for yourself and rock it.

The glossy nature of this look is making it so vibrant. The curls are also very nicely styled making the whole thing a masterpiece. Get this look for yourself and enjoy it.

Undercutting your hair slightly at the front gives out this awesome look. The sides are well laid down and that is a major step to elevating your level of class.

If you have very long hair, get it stylish by layering all the curls towards the back and making them look a bit glossy. This will generally improve the appearance of the hair.

Simple and very chic is the best description for the hairstyle below. This look is quite easy to put up and pull off. For voluminous hair, supporting hair clips work best when it comes to styling the hair.

Textured hair cuts.

Add some texture to your hair by cutting your hair differently from all sides. Add some nice styles to the hair to make it look even more special.

This kind of look takes you to another level in terms of class. The sexy feel brought out by this kind of styling is also massive.

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Spike it up and layer it all the way. You will get a very nice look that is awesome and super vibrant. This is one great look and you consider trying it out.

A nice color pop will do harm. Get this kind of look and you are good to go. The colors blend so well. That is one important thing to consider when coloring your hair.

Get a nice color pop by mixing bright and dull colors. This is a nice way to add some life to your hair and still look stylish.

Simple hairstyles.

This look will make you be very comfortable in general. There is no much hair to deal with and that is a plus. Add just a slight pop of color so that the look gets a nice boost in general. Try this out and you will be grateful you did it.


This is the look to go for if you want a simple but stylish look. The styling is simple as well with just a basic cut added to it. The colors are vibrant enough and they have all come out so nice. Try out this look you will love it.

Zayn Malik clearly pulls off this high tie ponies. Get yours looking like this as well and you will love it. The confidence boost that comes with this kind of look is also one of a kind.

This keeps hair away from your face thus, it’s more comfortable. If what you desire is comfort and low maintenance on your hair, this is the way to go. This is such a nice way to style long hair especially.

This look is a nice way to wrap hair nicely all around your head. The curls are all layered nicely. This is such a nice way to make your hair. Try this out and you will love it for sure.


Long undercut hairstyles.

Get along undercut style on your hair and you will love the outcome. This one has all the styles well incorporated with each other and that is crucial for getting nice styles that go well with your hair. This is generally nice.

This cool look will look cool on you too. You just have to try this out and confirm it for yourself. The curls are well separated nicely and they form very nice curves at the top and all round as well. This is just super nice


This sleek look is very easy to pull off and another great thing about it is that its super elegant. The styles all look well blended together. The spikes and all the other hair all go well together. This is simply nice.

This look is simple yet very nice. The colors are all blending well together. The style looks a bit wild but its getting the whole look into a new different place. That is what makes it look unique.

High ponytails look awesome when in these kinds of looks. Add some gloss to yours and you will definitely love it. This is best for those with slightly long hair. It makes them look stylish and their general appearance is appealing as well.

Side zyan malik hairstyle

Side styles are all so beautiful. Get yours done by an expert and you will love the whole look. The look is overall done perfectly. The hairs all blend well together. The different lengths all look good together. This is a very appealing styling.


The simplicity of this look is one great one. The hairs are all laying down all so nicely. Try this look and enjoy the comfort needed. This is simple and worth trying out.

These curls are so nicely defined with the dark layered style making it pop. If you have this kind of hair, the best way to style it is by layering the curls. This will make them so stylish and so over the top. This is just so nice and worth giving a try.

Get your hair undercut and add a slight pop of color so that it all looks incredible just like this. This one is a big banger and you should definitely give it a try. the raised front part looks elegant and adds elegance to the hairstyle.

Add some vibrant colors to your hair for that magnificent contrast. The colors blend so well together and create such an appealing outlook. It is important to consider this when styling your hair. If you’re not afraid of bold and bright colors then this is one style that you can consider trying.


Classy funky zyan malik hairstyle

Add a nice color mix and get the whole look pop out even more. This is a banger and cannot go unnoticed. The blend of the original hair color and the other color added makes the whole look a vibe. Get this and rock it with the blend of colors adding contrast to the style.

Mix up spikes with cuts and style. The combination of all these three will not only make you feel so good, but it will also make you have a confidence boost. This look is stylish and very presentable as well. This is a style that you can easily try out regardless of the length of your hair. The wavy layers have a way of making the style stand out.

Layer up your curls and enjoy the comfort that comes with layering long curls. This will make you feel less bulky and so confident as well. The messy nature of the look is also key for this kind of look. It is part of its styling with the spiky layers making it all pop.

Placing curls together makes them look nice. Laying down the sides like this makes the whole look classy. Adding some pop of color to this look will simply make it look even better. This is a style that’s worth trying out.


Get the show going with this cool and polished look. The low shave looks elegant with the faded sides adding dimension to the hairstyle. You will feel super confident and stylish with this kind of look. The cuts are well defined and everything is just on point.

Front swoosh hairstyles.

Get that front swoosh colored and you will love it. Layering up the curls upwards is nice with the blond color adding contrast to the style.  This is such a great way to go about elevating your personal style with the layered sides looking magnificent.

This sleek look is so over the top with the glossy nature of the hair making it stand out. Get this for yourself and you will love it. The sidecut on this look is a banger. The whole look is classy and a definite try out for all. One of those zyan malik hairstyle that will leave heads turning.

Soft and sleek. This hairstyle is so elegant and very so comfortable as well. The side cut also does well with this kind. It actually lightens up the look in a very major way. This look is a definite show stopper with every element in the design adding to the intricacy of the style.

These spikes are the bomb when it comes to ease of styling. The hair is all well laid together and that is the best way to make your spiky hair more elevated. The side layers look magnificent with the curly aspect of the style making it stand out.

This is a nice thin swoosh that stands out so nicely with this look. Get this and make sure to add some gloss to the style so that everything comes out great. This look is so sexy and definitely a banger. The loose nature of the hairstyle is one thing that makes it look relaxed and also appealing.

High tie hairstyles.

Get a high tie that forms a nice pony at the end. Add some nice color pop to it so that it comes out even more vibrant. This is one great way to make your hair stand out in the crowd. The low side shave adds dimension to the hairstyle in a way that makes it pop.

Colors add so much boldness to a look just like in the style below.  Vibrant colors such as this one make the face light up and give your confidence a boost. Get this kind of look and you will not regret any second of it. The hairstyle below shows a nice blend of colors with the underlying dark and pink creating such a beautiful contrast.

Short and sweet is one way to describe this look with the aspect of color adding life to the overall outlook. The curls are not so basic Upward styling of the curls will make the look super awesome.

Gloss adds so much character to a hairstyle. This one below is one of a kind. The sides are so beautiful when well laid down. Make an appointment and get this look right away.

Get this laid back look and you will love it all the way. The style is super simple and quite unique as well. Try this out if keeping short hair is your cup of tea. This is simply amazing and also easy to manage with the aspect of color also adding dimension to the style.

Zayn’s curly hairstyles.

Get the curls all layered up and leveled so that the look is appealing to the eye. This look is not only spacious but also so over the top. Get this look and you will be glad you went for it.


Add a nice slightly visible side part on one side of your hair and you will not regret it. This is is such a zayn malik look that’s definitely a head-turner. The styles and the angles on this all look amazing.

Such a curly hairstyle with the raised front part making this zayn malik style adorable.  The curls follow each other in very nice layers and all are nicely done. Try this out and you will be the talk of the town with no doubt. The glossy nature of the hair is another cool thing to remember.

Curls are the bomb dot com most of the time. Layer them up and sprout them a little bit just to add that oomph to the entire look. This is definitely a banger and will work great on anyone. So lovely with the wavy layers at the front making it pop.

Curly hair is gorgeous and ideal zyan malik hairstyle that you can try out. If you have short hair, this kind of curly is the best way to go about it. The style is quite simple and so over the top. The faded sides are not only cool but also add dimension to the entire style.

Short classy zyan malik hairstyle

This look is not only classy but it’s also very unique. The uniqueness is brought about by the styling that makes it look so layered and appealing. This style has a nice blended set of styles that are all well incorporated. If you want something that’s simple yet classy then you can consider this style.

Get your hair looking this bomb by shaving it and ensure that the sides are not of equal length. This makes it look so nice especially when some style is added to it so that a nice contrast is formed between the two looks. This one is an outstanding zyan malik hairstyle that’s worth trying out.

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